Welcome to Agile IT Solutions, software development company in Nepal

Agile IT Solutions is the ‘go to’ software development company in Nepal, that specialises in software development and internet marketing services. Clients from all over the world have been given more than satisfactory solutions to their IT distresses.


Agile IT Solutions offers a range of different services. With a combination of On Page SEO techniques and Off Page SEO tactics, we can make sure you get return on investments. With the help of the world class SEO tools, we can make sure you get maximum returns on your online marketing. For people looking for services relating to outsourcing, web hosting, web design and every other aspect of web related services, Agile It Solutions has it all!


If you want your website to be accessible through the world wide web, you need help creating it. A website’s intricate design and professionalism can be achieved only when working with professional who know what they’re doing. After you’re done designing your website and filling in the content, you still have to host it on the internet, for which a service provider needs to be present at your beckon call, Agile IT Solutions can be a part of the entire process from the conception of your identity into the digital world, to the time you are well established and fully functional.


Our team of equally talented and efficient workers, work around the clock so you can be presented with a cost effective and affordable internet marketing strategy.


You will be given weekly reports as to how much your website traffic and shot up, and how much higher we intend for it to shoot up.


Our clients may reach us at our local office in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. With the right content, directive plan and a proper internet marketing strategy, customers will be treading your way in no time!


What we do

Agile IT Solutions will be more of a confidante all throughout. Besides figuring out affordable yet impressive solutions, we will also be actively interested in how your work process is going. Taking in your suggestions, making changes as we go and introducing new and modern ideas to remain updated- this is what Agile It Solutions promises. Besides being able to surpass all of your expectations, Agile IT Solutions also keeps the doors to all of our other services open.


Why choose us

Everything you entrust on us will be handled with utmost care and professionalism. The market is filled with people claiming to be IT professionals, but probability speaks volumes. A little investment on your part for better results is the wiser thing to do. Agile It solutions offers a range of services, trained staff and managers, along with a personal yet professional touch on any work we have.